Ultimate List of Resources To Help You Travel Cheaper and Smarter

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Whenever I'm ready to plan a trip, I always gather tons of resources to make the whole travel planning experiance easier, cheaper, and faster for me. I always had a document for me to reference to whenever I was planning something, so I figured why not share it with you guys!

So I present to you, a comprehensive list of the best travel apps and tools with you so you can travel cheaper and smarter, because traveling should be fun, not stressful right? 



One of my top choices for travel planning that shows you estimate costs of traveling to different countries, the high season vs off season choices, and even show the different methods of transit as well. Super comprehensive and easy to navigate!


This one is pretty amazing, you forward all of your hotel, flight, plans, and they fix you up a great daily master itinerary that you already planned out that helps you stay on track!

Man in Seat 61

Everything and anything you need to know about trains all around the world! Literally anywhere! A fantastic collection of information about almost any trainline in the world. Even if you're thinking about taking a train in Mozambique, this site includes currency, timetables, and also includes when the last time that section was updated. 


Honestly, there’s so many opinions of where you should go to try things, but yelp has honest reviews and suggestions in places you wouldn’t expect! I use this website the most in the States when people are dragging me to new restaurants, but the practice still extends to abroad!


Secret Flying

Super cool, safe, and free site to help you find extreme deals on flights and hotels - best when you have a wanderlust kick but flexible on dates and places. You can find tons of luxury hotels with cheap rooms, which is my favorite perk.

Google Flights

The holy grail of all things flights related. Google has your back and will provide you with tips such as cheaper days to flight, shows every airline possible, and allows you to track prices. Also, the explore section to show you what countries would be cheapest from your “point A”, as well as cheaper options around it.


One of the top sites I recommend! Favorite site to help me brainstorm where I want to go (it’s best for those of us who are flexible on dates) and shows various hotels, flights and car rentals you can compare. I use this app the most when it comes to finding a car rental deal!

Scott's Cheap Flights

One of the top email newsletters I recommend! You get daily emails (once a day, not spammy!) that shows flights that drop dramatically due to glitches or off season dates! Best if you are spontaneous or need ideas. 


Another site that helps you find great deals on flights and helps you plan out what dates are best to fly where. This is actually an app vs a website, so great for on the go, and super user friendly. When I first started traveling, my mom kept talking about this app so I downloaded it because of her, and honestly I fell in love with it (thanks Mom!). 


The obsessive part of me comes out when I get to the seat selection of a flight, and I want the *best* seat possible, this site allows you to narrow down to your seat to see all amenities, pros and cons, and photos on this flight. Also, answers tons of questions you might have about the airline or flight itself!


Great site to use if you’re a Non-EU citizen, planning on traveling within countries, or through different countries via train (which always are surprisingly comfortable and a great experience). Have great package deals as well. Also feel free to check out RailEurope, which also work identical to Eurail.

Virgin Trains

My favorite within the UK simply due to how simple and easy it is, and can take you almost anywhere. However, it does charge a booking fee. Also, booking ahead of time is highly recommended, given prices jump fast when the date nears. 


Great if you’re traveling around Europe and trying to stay within a budget! Wifi on buses, no booking fees, and cheap prices, you can’t go wrong!


The best form of transport when traveling within a city! I have used Uber, especially in America, over and over again. I love the privacy and comfort of my own ride, and now Uber has an "Uber Pool" deal where you can share rides with others to get your costs down lower!


The European form of Uber, but as a train alternative. Best when traveling from one city to another (vs within a city), where you hop on with other travelers going in the same direction. ALSO, have a “ladies only option”!


Just like Flixbus, but also extends to cities in United States, parts of Africa, Australia, and South America! I haven't used it, but a few friends of mine highly suggested, and I plan to use it when I visit more parts of this world.


Amazing if you’re planning on road tripping through North America and want to budget wisely for gas! All you do is enter the zipcode of an area and it’ll show you the cheapest gas station within that area!


One of the top deal finder for all things travel! The search through for cheap flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. If you want to book everything you need on one site, this is your go to!



Hands down my favorite form of accommodation, I love feeling “at home” and acting like a local, from simple rooms to luxurious homes! If you haven’t yet signed up for Airbnb, click here and get a $25 voucher for your first booking!


The *ultimate* hotel (and hostel) comparison website that shows you tons of photos, nearby locations, availabilities, amenities and more per hotel. Loaded with super cheap deals as well that I can’t get over.  Similar alternative would be hotelscombined.com


If you’re looking for something more intimate than a hotel, but the luxury of one, I highly recommend this site! The prices are not even that bad if you book ahead of time, and come on, breakfast!


I have yet to travel to Asia intensively, but a lot of my friends recommend this site for hotel bookings! I've never used it (yet) but it's the number one recommended site for booking amazing deals for places in Asia. 


Want to make a friend and really feel local? Check out this site to crash at someone’s place for free, and take the time to do something nice for them too!

Trusted House Sitters

If you’re an animal lover, this is your spot! However, you have to commit to it first so after an annual fee of $119, you get to house sit around the world forever, for free! If you're planning on traveling longterm and want to play with animals the whole time, look no further!


Looking for just hostels? This site helps narrow down what kind of hostels you’re looking for all over the world! It also allows you to filter down based on prices, ratings, and even if you're looking for "female only dorms" (aka my hostel requirement!).


Lonely Planet

The ideal guide to navigating a country full of everything you need to know such as places to visit, currency rates, cultural things you should know, etc.



If you're traveling the greatest cities in the United States (and now Toronto too!) this pass helps you save loads on the greatest attractions in each city. You save about 50% and you're free to use over 9 consecutive days!


See all of Paris by choosing what attractions and how many days you'd like to explore! The site is super informative and even helps you choose your locations within Paris. The more you see, the more you save!


I suspect the same major brain is working behind this as the ParisPass but also offers great locations, cheap deals and transportation help. The more you see, the more you save!

Trip Activities

Trip Advisor

The holy grail of all things to do in a city! Tons of tour groups, sight attractions and honest reviews, I use this site to survey out a location, and then, come back to find great activities to do. A popular alternative to this is Viator.


If you're looking for a cheap alternative to vacation packages this site is a go to! I've had many friends of mine use it to go on honeymoons and 2 week vacations with tons of the plans/ accommodations and transportations covered!


Covers all things tour bus related! Have tons of great tours from night life, live guides, to hop on-off tours based around the world.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads

The cheapest option, that covers so much and the go to for most solo travelers and nomads! One of the few that includes car rental insurance!

Travelsafe Insurance

Covers essentials such as missed connection flights, trip cancellation, proper medical insurance that you might not find on other insurances, but is on the pricer side. However, I think it's worth it's price!

Allianz Travel Insurance

Variety of plans to chose from with competitive prices, but among the lowest medical insurances. Have a really cool feature where insurance is free for kids under 17 years of age, so perfect for families! 



Great and fast option to send money overseas, pay bills, exchange rates for you, etc, while doing it in a secure, quick and easy way. Requires a minimum amount transferred with a fee, however, Transferwire is an great alternative if you’re opting to transfer less (also has a lower transfer fee!).

XE Converter

Best part of traveling is dealing with money, amirite? This app quickly converts money for you from currency around the world for you to budget and calculate your life accurately abroad!



If you ever wanted to stay at a farm, range, or homestay/hostel and work in exchange for food and accommodation, this site helps you find people in the areas you plan on traveling to that need help!


If you’re passionate about healthy foods, healthy environment and a healthy planet, this website runs organizations around the world that help specialize in what a certain region needs and sets you up to volunteer with these locations!


Everyone hates shipping fees, so earn money by being the shipping yourself! If you’re planning on traveling from one location to another, you can earn money by delivering from your start point and delivering it at your end point!


Another great volunteering site spanning tons of different options and opportunities around the world! Super easy to navigate!


This site is more of “odd jobs” found around the world for travelers to pick up in exchange for food and accommodation. There’s some very interesting party jobs as well!

Hippo Help

A new platform connecting hosts with travellers willing to work in exchange for free food and accommodation. One thing that makes Hippohelp stand out is that it's completely free to use for all members. The map-based interface also makes it really easy finding other members.

Blogging Resources


Are you super inspired now to track all your adventures? I HIGHLY recommend Siteground as your self hosting website due to how efficient it helps my website run! The customer service is amazing for help, and I almost never have issues with my site!


Your followers love you and want to stay up to date with you! Use mailchimp to create newsletters, opt ins, or just hello’s for your subscribers!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to subscribe to me for more amazing content and access to my *secret* resource library!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing will be your best friend if you have great products and tools you want to tell your readers about! For example, I love this course so much and if you look into it and buy it from my link, I’ll get a little bonus for introducing you, with no extra cost from you! Now it's your turn to learn how to do it effortlessly, and legally, so you can recommend others great products and start making an income.  


Need help learning some skills to maintain an engaging and profitable blog? I use Udemy for cheap courses to help teach me how to code, gain traffic, and understand blogging altogether. Most courses are almost *always* on sale for $10!

Enjoy your travels! 

I hope you these resources are very helpful to you and your trip planning! Whether you are going on a mini getaway, or you plan to kick off your long term passion of travel, these resources have helped me and tons of others have the best of times! Let me know below if they were useful to you, or if you know any better ones I should know about! 

Note: This page contains affiliate links which means by you visiting or purchasing from these sites, I will get a small commission to thank me for sharing these awesome sites with you (at absolutely no additional cost to you!). If you'd like to read more about my privacy policy, click here

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