That Time I Fulfilled A Childhood Dream and Wrote A Book

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Bucket list #18: Write a book on something I actually kind of like

My blog has only been up for two months officially since my first post, and ya girl already wrote a book.  I’m just as shocked as everyone I told and everyone that witnessed it and honestly, it was the typical “Yasmin” book. I’m talking, written in 6 hours straight because I procrastinated and having twenty tabs open for research, but IT’S FINALLY DONE AND UP ON AMAZON! I still can’t believe it and it’s been like two weeks! All thanks to so here’s my Upwork review & how-to!

Greater Than a Tourist – Raleigh North Carolina USA: 50 Travel Tips from a Local

greater than a tourist raleigh nc

So let me tell you how I did it and how you can find amazing opportunities like this for you! So if you are a travel writer/blogger, love to write for others, freelancer, or just want to write for someone for a day, YOU NEED TO DISCOVER UPWORK! I’m not getting paid to promote this by the way, but I think this is such a great resource!

I heard this website from an interview on Alexa Miser’s absolutely amazing podcast, Break Into Travel Writing, and one of her interviewees talked about how she looks for freelancing jobs on She raved about how she has found so many opportunities, so I believe I signed up for it just that night and filled out my profile immediately.

The Actual Process

So I made my profile and made a bit of a resume (this website has such great guidance on that by the way!). I started scanning the different types of jobs on the website and they were legit! Of course, you’re not the only person who applies to each job so some jobs you may not hear back from but I would say for every 10, I got at least 2 responses back. You also have a certain amount of applications you can submit per month, but like 20 which is still pretty great. But be selective! 

Once you verify your payment and billing things, you can start getting paid for your work. I would suggest not focusing on this being a major source of income, but great exposure and opportunities for publishing aka looking great on your media kits!

I would suggest that to make the most of this database, to narrow down your options to exactly what you’d like. For my travel writers, just search “travel”! For any type of SEO writing, search just that. Do not be worried about narrowing your options too much because those categories were being updated every few hours! options

I found a query of someone looking to publish travel guidebooks written by locals of that area! So I jumped on the chance and got a message back! Two weeks later, I was submitting my work and a few days later, I got the link on Amazon! Finally, I had a full dedications page, about the author page, and all my own words into a book you can buy on a Kindle or paperback!

This gave me this experience and confidence to keep going into writing, and all the hard work made me realize that this travel writing dream isn’t just about posing pretty in beaches, but meeting deadlines and impressing your temporary bosses!

Have you tried/wanting to try Let me know! Also, if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them 🙂

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