How Essential are Packing Cubes for Traveling?

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Spoiler alert: It’s pretty damn important. Below, I have the exact ones I used and highly recommend.

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So in the fall of 2017, I backpacked for a month and a half (that’s like a whole wardrobe’s worth of clothes right?), and I REALLY needed to be conservative on space. Here are 4 times my packing cubes saved my life:

  1. I didn’t look like a fool during airport security.

    So I packed a laptop in my backpack carry on, so each time I got to security at airports, I had to take out my laptop and place it in its own bin. These packing cubes were so well organized with all my stuff that I didn’t even have to rummage through my clothes OR expose all my fashion choices to the world. Plus, the smooth surface of the packing cubes made it easy for me to slide my laptop in and out, which as smooth as it sounds,  was just easing my anxiety over POSSIBLY missing my flight.

    I had one main compression bag for most of my clothes, but packing cubes for the rest. I actually had one smaller as well, I just forgot to include it in the picture.

  2. All of my clothes were organized perfectly so I only took out packs that I NEEDED.

    If I needed a dress, I knew exactly which one it was in. Scarf? Got it! I even used the smallest one for jewelry and misc, which later ended up being used for small souvenirs too!

    All scarves in the medium one, and I had THICK scarves ready for European cold!

  3. That amount of space they saved me almost rivaled black magic.

    So the cool thing about these packs also is that after you zip them up, YOU CAN ZIP THEM AGAIN. This causes a compression layer which after you regularly close, you can compress all the extra space into a smooth square pack. It actually was so compacted by the end, I could use it to defend myself haha.

    3 long dresses in one small cube? No problem!



  4. I ended up using my smallest one for items to reduce a messy bag.

    So one of the reasons I went to Europe was for a wedding in Holland. I already had my quart sized bag for my makeup, so I used a packing cube for all my other fancy things like rings, necklaces, my falsies, and other misc. I also had space so I added souvenirs like keychains in there as I traveled along. It made it a nice bag that I didn’t use as often, but I could turn to in need.

    By the way, this is the largest bag, and how it fits about 10 items of clothing into that little bit within my backpack!


  5.   They are actually durable!

    I was kind of hesitant because I bought mine online, and these were only 19.99, but some of the other ones ranged as low as 10 dollars, to 50 dollars. That’s when I typically get suspicious ya know, cause you want a really good quality one. But these have lasted me through ranges of items I’ve stuffed through them over a month and a half, and THANKFULLY the zipper never seemed to be in stress, nor did the fabric seem even close to ripping. And I stuffed some flat shoes in there once.

Basically, a whole lot of zippers to keep it all confined.

So, are you planning on traveling soon and haven’t gotten packing cubes yet? Why did you even buy a ticket?? (Just kidding, but if you really want to save space, gotta get you some packing cubes!). Matter of fact, grab the Gonex Packing Cubes now!

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