One Day In Cologne, Germany: Everything You Should Do!



Do you know what makes traveling so much easier? When you have a whole list of things you can do for a day in a city you’ve never been to! Well, I can help you because below I have my guide to one day in Cologne, Germany!

During my escapade through Europe, I was originally headed for the grand city of Berlin, but I wanted to see more of Germany by stopping by another city! I chose Cologne at random, but I truly WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. I was only there for 2 days, but I sprained my ankle in Copenhagen less than 24 hours before landing in Cologne so I took a day of rest (check out my very important list of self-care while traveling!).


So on my one day of fun traveling, I was able to hit a lot of hot spots of Cologne to truly give you an idea of what the city is all about. Now, I actually do think a day is enough, two if you want to do all at a leisurely pace, but I definitely recommend you not skip this town! I was there in the fall time (October) so it was such lovely weather! I stayed at the most ADORABLE Airbnb (btw, do you want to get $55 dollars off your first Airbnb visit?) with the most beautiful view despite the cloudy day!

view of colonge germany

So without further ado, here is a list of things I recommend you do during your one day stay in Cologne to get the most out of your trip and make memories you’ll enjoy! Use this list of things to do for one day in Cologne, Germany to get through the city in a breeze!

Save money with the KolnCard!

Ok so first off, you need to travel to all the places I’m about to mention. So let me help you by saving you money with the KölnCard. It costs $9.99 for 1 day per person ($19.98 for 2 days) and includes free access to public transport for 24/48 hours and you can get up to:

    • 50% discount at attractions and museums
    • 50% discount on select guided tours
    • 20% discount at select restaurants
    • 15% discount on select shopping

Such a money saver!  I used this to get around as well as getting FREE entry into the Museum Ludwig, a truly lucky day for me! Are you traveling with family or a group of friends? There is a group card you can get for * get this * $21.09, for 5 people! Come on. That’s a steal!

Visit the Grand Catherdral

When I got off the metro in Cologne, headed to what was stated to be the city center, I turned around and was gobsmacked by the most, THE MOST, beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen. I was shaken by how grand it is and how beautiful it was! This historic cathedral built as far back as the 11th century with the foundation stone was named as one of the World Heritage Sites in 1996. Anyways, you probably will not miss this site because it is visible almost everywhere, but I even recommend taking it a step further and exploring the interior.

One Day In Cologne Germany One Day In Cologne Germany One Day In Cologne Germany

Love Lock Bridge Hohenzollern

Are you touring Cologne with loved ones? Visit this beautiful bridge and leave a lock on this city declaring your love! I left one for myself (shoutout solo travel), but it was so much fun because I’ve left one in other cities such as DC and Paris! In my mind, I like to think that I can leave lock “love” letters to myself, which is quite wholesome if you think about it.

Find it on the Hohenzollern Bridge!

Try some German bakery items

Um, how can you visit a country and not pig out on delicious snacks and foods! I ate most of my way throughout Cologne and I was so happy with all my finds. I was able to stock up on all the carbs with foods such as Brötchen (bread rolls), Vollkornbrot (whole grain bread), Käsekuchen (cheesecake), and my favorite, the Berliner (donut)! Although, I wished I saved this for when I reached Berlin, but honestly, so worth it.


Visit Museum Ludwig

Well, shout out to the Koln Card I mentioned earlier because I was able to visit and look at some beautiful art at the Museum Ludwig! First off, this museum is BEAUTIFUL inside, and I was so amazed by the architecture. Just a two-minute walk from the Catherdral, its open Tuesdays through Sunday, explore all the beautiful art pieces given to this museum! I think it’s such a beautiful thing to do and will open you up to the history and culture of Cologne.

Also! I was stopped by a security guard and he just told me to follow him (the language barrier wasn’t ideal but I was very scared I did something wrong). He ended up leading me out to this closed-off area. It was an outdoor patio with beautiful bushes of red flowers, and a gorgeous view of the cathedral! So sweet!













one day in colonge germany


Stroll around the Cologne Old Town – Fischmarkt

This should be higher up the list now that I think about it because it was one of my most enjoyable moments. If you put Old Town in ANY CITY guarantee I will visit it. This place has such a historic charm to it with rustic narrow alleyways and traditional old homes. You can walk by so many shops and restaurants in the area while enjoying so many different kinds of foods and drinks through your walk here.

In conjunction with the Catherdral, this is located right along the Rhine, making up the world-famous Rhine panorama. This picturesque location is great for a stroll and some sunshine!

one day in colonge germany colonge germany one day in colonge germany

Honorable mentions!

Sadly, I was not able to visit ALL that I wanted to visit. But if you’re in the area you need to see if you can squeeze in places such as the:

  1. The Cologne Chocolate Museum (hello, yum!)
  2. Find out how Cologne invented cologne! 
  3. The most futuristic mosque in the world! 


And that’s it! The list of all the things you should do in one day in Cologne, Germany! Let me know if this was helpful and if you got a chance to visit! I love reminiscing this city!



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  • I visited Cologne a VERY long time ago as I was a teenager with in a school trip and I liked it a lot! And I can tell you my favorite part: the chocolate museum lol!!!

  • This is such a great article! I went to Cologne last year for the Christmas markets and loved it so much. The Dam Cathedral is incredible to see in person. 🙂