Nikon Vs Canon: The Travel Camera Showdown



You’re all packed up and ready to go travel the world and record all of your experiences! But, you’re stopped in your tracks with one question: what camera should I take? Here are a few inputs from some of my travel photography friends on what they chose between the two! Check out my take on it at the very end and let me know what you’d choose!

Candiss from lost-not-found chose Canon!

“I am one of those switchers. I shot with Nikon from the time I first picked up a SLR film camera in High School 14 years ago because that is what my mom had from the 80’s. I upgraded to my own Nikon film camera and then to an entry level DSLR (the D90). When it finally came time to upgrade to full frame (way to late might I add) last year I was looking at the Nikon models but in the end went Canon and have been thrilled with my choice. It was originally a matter of price for me as the Nikon’s were never on sale and Canon was but it also didn’t hurt most people I knew shot Canon so there is a possibility of sharing lenses :).

Now that I have had my 5D Mark III for almost a year I can say I am a Canon convert. I love the way the camera works and feels in my hands and how Canon is moving their product line forward. This photo was shot with the Canon 5D Mark III and the 24-105mm f/4 lens at 24mm f/4 ISO 100 1/800sec of the Duomo in Milan Italy.”

Duomo in Milan Italy


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Paroma from yrofthemonkey chose Canon!

“My attitude towards life and travel changed completely when I got hooked on to photography, thanks to a Canon DSLR (Rebel t2i) that my husband gifted me in Dec 2012. After doing quite a bit of research, I got the “nifty fifty” or the 50 mm f1.8 lens to go along with it, which is light and serves most of my travel photography purpose. Although an old model now, the Rebel series DSLR is still pretty light and compact and I love it’s ease of use, thanks to the extremely thorough manual that came with it which covered almost all its functionalities. I shoot in Av mode and like the fact that the menu does not overwhelm me with too many features and functions. The viewfinder is easy to use, the autofocus works great on moving target without significant lag and the toggling feature to adjust the ISO and aperture is a great plus. Finally, the camera body is compatible with many fantastic lenses from Canon and third-party vendors such as Sigma and Zeiss, which makes it even more economically viable!

After having shot for nearly 5 years with this camera, I can vouch for how good an option it is for beginners who want to take a stab at DSLRs. Economically it is a good option, does not overwhelm you with too many features, and delivers the amazing photos that only Canon optics can once you master its use. Besides the 50 mm, I have used the Canon 24-70 mm, Sigma 33 mm and Sigma 17-50 mm (the second lens I bought a few months ago) and have loved amassing my collection of travel photos with it. All I can say is that I cannot wait to get Canon’s top of the line DSLR (5D Mark III or IV) next and GO CANON!

Two photos I took during Mardi Gras at New Orleans in 2014 using my Canon Rebel t2i and 24-70 mm Canon lens.”




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Becky from beckythetraveller choose Nikon! 

“I’ve had my first SLR, a Nikon D3300 for 2 years now. And I have to say I think it’s the best thing I have ever bought. I am a photography addict but this camera has been perfect for my travels. Even though SLRs are slightly bigger, this model is lightweight and perfect for me to carry along with my backpack when I am hiking.

One of my favourite functions is the panoramic feature. As I love hiking it great for capturing those mountain range shots. The display screen is also a great size for reviewing and editing pictures on the go. Which is a good job because I take a lot of photos!”

becky the traveler becky the traveler

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Rebecca from Bexpeditions chooses Canon!

“I personally love Canon because of its ability to perform better in lowlight than Nikon. I was formally trained on a Nikon and it was nice to work with but I feel much more confident in Canon’s range of cameras. Also, I prefer to shoot with them as a travel blogger! Sometimes we have to rush to get the right shot at the right moment and I trust Canon’s ability to focus faster and behave better overall. I have also carried around my Canon cameras for years now and they have held up amazingly for the situations I’ve put them through!”

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Cory from youcouldtravel chose… FUJIFILM

“I still remember the time I wanted a proper nice camera for my travels. As many others, I wanted to know which one to buy… a Canon or a Nikon? I turned the internet upside down for an answer, and everyone always says the same: it depends. After a couple of months of research, I bought neither a Canon or a Nikon. I bought myself a Fujifilm, which in my opinion is the best camera brand for travels. As always, this is highly subjective, but I would never get another camera brand, ever! Be the rebel, buy the brand that suits you most.”


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Oceana from mapsandmandalas chose CANON!

“I started shooting Nikon when I got into photography on a cropped frame D60 and later a D7000. However, when I went full frame in 2016 I ended up switching to Canon and the 6D. It’s difficult for me to compare Canon to Nikon in some ways because I’m also comparing full and cropped frame. So, it’s hardly fair to pit my Canon 6D’s low light performance, which is phenomenal, against my Nikon D7000.

In terms of general features though, I’m very happy with the switch. I prefer the simpler interface of Canon, it’s lighter and smaller profile, and the additional wifi features and remote shooting app. The Canon 6D is a small camera, but it’s a powerhouse for photography, and perfect for knowledgeable photographers wanting to dip a toe into full frame.”


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Karen from theepicuriousexplorers chose CANON!

“Which is better Canon or Nikon? This is such a common question, but the debate is endless.  Personally, I have worked with both Canon and Nikon cameras. However, I prefer using my Canon 1000D DSLR camera for photography. I feel that it’s easier to navigate manual mode on the Canon camera as compared to a Nikon camera. Canon also has a wide range of lenses. They have lenses for all types of photography like macro, telephoto, fish-eye etc. I’m currently using two lenses of Canon. One is the 18-55mm for normal shots like landscape, architecture etc. and another one is 52mm for close up shots like flowers etc. So in conclusion, I have been using my Canon camera for more than 5 years and it has definitely helped me click some amazing shots.”

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My Two Cents

The main reason I put this article together is that I can’t decide! I have a Nikon D5100 with the kit lens and 50mm prime, and a Canon T3 with a 35mm and kit lens. Forget the kit lens, but the battle of the two primes have made me wonder which should I lean towards. Nikon’s are amazing for landscapes and super sharpness, but canon’s I have found amazing for portraits and ‘softer looks’. The Nikon 50mm lens is super sensitive and completely automatic (yet exceptionally sharp), but for travel and quicker shots, the Canon 35mm is completely great for portraits!

Currently, I’m torn between the two, but my choice of weapon the past few months has been a Canon! Below are my two photos of a shot with my canon, and a shot with my Nikon next! 

pakistani wedding dress


You can check out my gallery on my website for my best photos, or follow me on Instagram for more photos! Tell me you found me via this article and I’ll follow back!


Also, what camera + lens do you use?? Are you interested in getting to know more about cameras?

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  • I could just scroll and scroll through your photos all day! I have a Canon but I can’t say I can really weigh in on the debate! My Canon was gifted to me by my partner who is an avid photographer to help me with my food photography! I haven’t tried my hand at travel photography yet!

  • I had no idea there was a debate lol! I just assumed people bought what they liked – that is what I did. I have a canon and it was on sale so that’s what made my decision.

  • Girl, I stepped away from the pack entirely it seems lol – I have a Sony a6000 with a 16-50 and 55-210! Its still pretty new, but I love how easy the menus are (I think that would probably be the most frustrating part about learning a new camera).

  • I ahve a nikon 5200 and I am pretty happy with it. I think both are good in their own way. If I have invested in one, I wouldn’t really change it.

  • I am looking into getting a nicer camera, and I have been looking at a Cannon. My mom has an older one and she loves it! It is good to know that so many others really like it as well.

  • This is such a great article. Seems like Canon is the winner.Yay!! Also totally love your gallery!
    Glad I could contribute and thanks again for the opportunity. 🙂

  • Not to offend anyone but the photos shot from Canon looks better, the details are beautifully showcased and I love how crisp the images are. Canon is definitely a good choice for travelers.

  • I have both and I have the same issue with you whenever we’re going on vacation. I think canon does a great job when it comes to taking photos especially outdoors.

  • I read this with great interest. I have a the Canon Rebel as described earlier and I keep thinking I need a different camera, but maybe it is that I just need to read more. I feel like I don’t get a sharp focus. Hmm.

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  • I have a Nikon that I just bought, but I use to borrow my mom’s cannon and have to admit that I love it so much better than Nikon. I need to start getting better with my editing and have actually stopped using the camera as much because of the editing process.

  • I take all my photos on my iPhone, but if I do want to buy a camera, I’m probably going to go with Canon. I’ve just heard more about them than any other camera. Great article.

  • I bought a new computer yesterday. I’d been planning to buy a new camera for months but couldn’t decide between the different options. Finally my computer died and I had to make a choice. When push came to shove, I just went with my gut. Sometimes what is right for someone else isn’t right for you and vice versa. Having said that, this all goes over my head as I shoot photos with my phone. Lol.

  • I have a canon but it is not very good and I have been dying to get a new camera. I love that you showeed both sides of the argument as it will make my decision a little easier!

  • I have been in the market for a new camera for a little while. Such a toss up it seems but I loved reading your input.

  • very interesting post. I ended up with the Nikon D750. Around the US blogging world I don’t find many other Nikon users. But, last month I headed to Paris and London and it was rare to find a Canon, everyone had a nikon. The opposite of here. And to know that those Euro bloggers have such amazing opportunities in landscape and architecture, I am happy that I went Nikon. made me feel better 😉

  • I’ve been looking for a new camera for my travels! Thank you for this comprehensive review!

  • The CANON looks great and works great! I’ve never had a Nikon or worked with one but I love my Canon and the pictures.

  • I love this! I started out with a Nikon a few years back and ended up upgrading to a super nice Canon DSLR. I love it but definitely need to take more time to get to know how to use it!

  • I love Canon. I use my Canon and although I have a few lenses I really only use my 18-55mm. I find I am able to really work with it and get what I want done, done!

  • I have a Nikon D7000 and LOVE it! It’s the only DSLR I’ve ever owned so I really truly learned photography on this camera. It was a holiday gift from my husband years ago and I’m in no hurry to try something new.

  • I’m a Canon girl and have always been but sometimes I love the way Nikon images look. That said, I’ll never bail on my trusty Canon unless they keep raising the price of everything.

  • Personally I’m familiar with canon since thats what my dad always had so I just followed in his foot steps! I know Nikon is awesome though and definitely in the market for a new camera so I’m so thankful to have found this post! lots of things I definitely didn’t think about!

  • I travel with my boyfriend who’s a landscape photographer and videographer. He shoots with his nikon d750 and d800 which are particularly useful for long timelapses because of the built in intervalometer. But as what he always says, a true photographer never depends his talent on the camera and the gear he uses. True talent comes from the photographer himself.

  • Valid internal struggle. I face the struggle of “Should I upgrade because it’s expected that I have a fancy, complex camera that shoots 700MP shots” or “Would it up my game so much to get a new camera?” I’ve decided that my Canon Rebel continues to serve me well, taking quality shots and not being too complex. I love that it’s so sturdy and has proven to withstand falling down mountainsides and off of horses. And the photo quality still helps me earn a living, so I’m all good. 🙂

  • Great information! I’m always curious to know what other travel photographers are using (especially when I see their gorgeous photos). Personally, I’m a recent Olympus convert so we’ll see how that goes!

  • Loved the photos. I was a Nikon girl, then recently moved to Sony Mirrorless. Would never go back to Nikon.