Maison Callier – A Swiss Chocolate from Heaven

Everyone KNOWS Switzerland has the best chocolate. I’ve been eating Swiss chocolate since I was young since I’m fortunate to have family from there (talk about an extra bag at the airport full of chocolate). So when my uncle surprised me with a trip to the Maison Callier Swiss chocolate factory, I was ECSTATIC.

To start off with, finding the location is a journey in of itself. Located in Broc, Switzerland (about an hour from Lausanne, an hour and 45 from Geneva), you’ll indulge in the view on the way there. Sadly it was raining for us but the hills where alive, let me tell you! Also, funny enough, it’s located next to Switzerland’s own Nestle factory! Back to back chocolate tours, who’s in??

Children up to 16 years old – free (yay!)

Adults – 12 CHF (about $12)

Students and Seniors – 9 CHF (about $9)

Groups – Call them!

So first of you need to get educated. Where does their chocolate come from? What even is Chocolat?? You will go through a museum explaining where they source their ingredients (fun fact: the milk they use for cows is right in their farm behind the museum! So fresh!). You also learn about what makes each chocolate different, as well as what makes it all taste so great.

For non-french speakers – they had audio mp3’s set to your language so you can enjoy the experience as you walk around!

Ever wondered what made milk chocolate different from white chocolate different from dark??

So funny story – we came into the tasting room (I couldn’t wait!), and I was disappointed to see that it was only about the size of my bedroom. There were about 10-12 chocolate pieces to taste, but when you’re American, that’s light work.

Slightly pouting, I traveled my way through the line, tasting each different signature brand piece, when about halfway I almost got dizzy. The chocolate was SO rich, I actually couldn’t keep up with everyone ahead of me! 75% of the way down, I was full and begging for milk, and by the time I got to the end, I grabbed the last two bits of chocolate and ran to the next room to sit and slow down my sugar rush. Basically, if you can get full off your chocolate, it’s QUALITY chocolate!

Sike, I love chocolate and I quickly starting craving more, so we made our way to the gift shop and cafe where we binged on chocolate croissants, hot chocolate, and splurged on chocolate to take home!

(Why am I a mess?)


(I still have that box!)


Here are some videos from the day!


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