List Of Everything I Ever Want To Do, Ever – My Travel Bucket List

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Hike around Machu Picchu
  3. Figure out Patagonia and what it is
  4. Visit the best bakery in Atlanta  
  5. Walk around Malta super early in the morning
  6. Ride a boat down the Amazon River
  7. See misty Angkor Wat
  8. See all angles of the Taj Mahal
  9. Try not to cry at the Grand Canyon
  10. Get into Pakistan
  11. Learn to scuba dive so I can see the Great Barrier Reef
  12. See the sunrise in Burma
  13. Legit just step foot anywhere that is marked Antartica
  14. Legit just step foot anywhere that is marked North Korea
  15. Get inspired in the temples and gardens of Kyoto
  16. Visit Laas Geel in Somalia
  17. Hike mountains in Hargesia, Somalia
  18. Write a book about something I kinda like
  19. Drive down Route 66 like a real American
  20. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  21. Road trip the West Coast
  22. Pretend to be Mulan at the Great Wall of China
  23. Go on a cruise ship in Alaska
  24. Feel isolated on Easter Island
  25. Go fishing in Socatra Island
  26. Visit my birthplace in Rida, Yemen
  27. Pretend to be an archaeologist in Tunisia
  28. Visit all three major Abrahamic religions in the Holy City
  29. Visit the deserts of Namibia
  30. Feel like you’re about to fall in the Arctic
  31. Trade on the Silk Road
  32. Play footy in Madrid or Barcalona
  33. Visit the Emirates, home to the greatest team on Earth
  34. And then visit the rest who give me panic attacks when they beat us
  35. Moisturize my face in the driest place on earth, Atacama Desert
  36. Save sand from the lost city in Petra
  37. See how the Dead Sea reacts to my skin
  38. Hashtag a photo #freepalestine in Israel
  39. Lead a camel in Egypt
  40. Find the temples/tombs of Sudan
  41. Ride a helicopter over Ireland
  42. Camp overnight in Iceland – and survive
  43. See neon lights in Tokyo
Mountains in switzerland
Switzerland when I was 16 and not a photographer

This list will constantly be evolving so tell me – what’s on your bucket list?

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