Letters From … New York City, By Day

Welcome to the Big Apple!

The city where they don’t sleep! The city of lights! The center of the world! Surprisingly, it’s only 9 hours north of me, yet I’ve never been. During the Thanksgiving Break, my girls all conjoined in DC to visit and spend time together, but from there we spontaneously decided to take a rental car up four more hours, and spend 14 hours in the greatest city!

I don’t have many stories nor words in this post, compared to the others, but that’s because NY left me speechless. Alas, I shall let my photos do the talking.


iconic photo of the new york love landmark
I don’t know what I was thinking, these significant iconic landmarks in each city has long lines of people watching you pose in them.


black building in the middle of new york city
NYC is fancy as hell, but when you give me an all-black building, you win.


Halal Guys food truck in New York City
Stay halal folks.

Iconic Radio City entrance in New York City

As seen in New York City

Chocolate store worker in in New York City.

Chocolate store in New York City

Chocolate store workers in New York City

Shopping for chocolate in New York City


The bagel store in Brooklyn
I never thought I’d see myself chasing after something I saw on Instagram, but listen, all of these “Instagram food trends” may not be a fluke, they are actually on to something.


A bagel from the iconic bagel store in Brooklyn
These bagels are phenomenal.


By the way, let me pause and explain to you what it means to have a great group of friends. We are all different with different interests, problems, and ideas. But how else do you experience new things if you were with people who enjoyed precisely what you enjoyed?


A hard worker in the middle of Manhattan, New York City
Still living the American Dream.


Buildings in New York City


Subway sign in New York City
Also, NY metro ranks least out of all the I’ve been on around the world.


Middle of New York City

Buildings with birds in New York City

In the middle of New York City


Photographer with antiques in the middle of Central Park
Me, in about 40 years.


Middle of central park

Middle of central park

Middle of central park
Central Park was so much more romantic, magical, livelier than I could have imagined.

views from central park

New York City

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Let me know if you’ve been to the Big Apple and your experiences. Don’t forget to pin it for later!


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