Letters From … Eibergen, Netherlands

Welcome to Eibergen, Netherlands

Eibergen is a small quaint Dutch town on the eastern region of the Netherlands, practically kissing Germany. The only reason I came across this town is due to the fact that my family randomly lives here (shout out to my family tree all over the world), and I was attending a wedding. Of course, I took a stroll through town, and all I could notice is how tiny, green, and almost utopic it seemed. Granted my cousins and I were the only odd ones out in our hijabs and covered clothes (and all the stares we welcomed), something about this picturesque town interested me.

The only other place in this world I know to be this green and lush is North Carolina. It felt like a utopic home away from home. 
Funny story: when I took photos of this bike, as I was walking away some lady ran out and started yelling at me in Dutch, asking me what I was doing lololol. Pro tip: Dutch don't like photos of their property, even for a young photographer's sake. This was the closest to conflict photography I've been in a while.

Are you even in the Netherlands if you don't see a biker?
Bike lanes from heaven.

eibergen, holland, netherlands

eibergen, holland, netherlands
Not going to lie, I'm not the biggest fan of the Dutch language. I just can't pronounce (or remember) any of it!

ice cream in eibergen, holland, netherlands

ohyasmintravels selfie
Don't take photos in the dark. But the wedding was so much fun <3 Despite how odd Eibergen was, I think this was the one place that left me the most memories. It was full of family, love, weddings, and friendships that bloomed into so much more. It was a beautiful start to my European tour and one that I'll definitely never forget.

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