5 Things I Learned From a Pakistani Wedding

And on this day, the first nikkah of our girl group happened.

It was a big moment not only for the bride, but for my friend group in attendance. Truthfully, it wasn’t a moment I would let pass, and I wasn’t even the photographer but I had to bring my best friend along for my first ever, Pakistani wedding.


Nikkah: a legal contract in marriage between a bride and her groom (in this case, its like an engagement, but they are legally married, and the wedding is next year. I’d be confused too, don’t worry). The nikkah officiates the marriage between two people, but some people hold off on the wedding part for a later date. Some people have the big wedding right after the contract is signed. This is dependent on the culture of the couple!



1. Attire means everything.


yasmin in a somali dress dirac

somali dirac


I opted for a Somali Dirac which, I was worried would be too fancy or taboo since I was wearing white, but turns out, white and gold was worn by many other ladies at the wedding. And, the bride didn’t even wear white.


wedding outfit by guest


2. The bride will wear the most beautiful dress you’ve ever seen.


pakistani wedding dress

pakistani wedding dress

The beadwork and the fabric of her dress were too stunning to look away.

*per the bride’s request, I did not include her face out of privacy. But she is beautiful, believe me.


wedding table decorations


3. Dancing is a key part of Pakistani weddings.


traditional pakistani dance

traditional wedding dance

traditional wedding dance


I didn’t get a chance to capture it, but the girls in attendance also performed dances to a lot of Bollywood songs in such rehearsed choreography.


old people taking a group selfie


4. Pakistani wedding food takes the gold.


pakistani food


I am a huge meat eater (I’m sorry vegetarians/vegans), but oh my god. This plate was so full of meat, I thought I was in heaven. Beef, chicken, lamb, I could not keep up!



pakistani sweets


And their sweets? Oh my god. Can it get any sweeter?? (I still couldn’t stop eating it though).


pakistani sweets


5. At the end of the day, weddings are the most wonderful experiences, and I wish all the best for my friend and her groom, may Allah bless them both with a happy and beautiful marriage insh’Allah <3


asiya and yasmin

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