Go Boston Pass: 7 Things You Can Do With The Pass!

What is the Go Boston Pass?

So you’re trying to go to Boston and not invest in the Go Boston Pass? Let me tell you all the reasons why you’d want to! This is basically a pass that combines a lot of the most visited sites in Boston, but combines the price so you save more buying the pass then spending money on each site separately!

You pick from three passes: All-Inclusive, Explorer, or Build Your Own. All-Inclusive pass offers unlimited entry to Go Boston attractions for a select number of days (which is what I did! since I was staying for about 4 days). The Explorer pass lets you choose a select number of attractions to visit within 30 days. With the Build Your Own pass you can create your own attraction pass to use within 30 days. There are literally so many to choose from that can be squeezed into your trip, which you can check them all out here!

Once you’ve gotten your pass type and purchased the pass, you’re ready to go! It does not activate until after your first attraction, and you can just pick and choose based on what you’re interested in, all of which can be found right here! Imagine instead of pulling out your wallet and calculating costs, you can just pull our the QR code (or whatever is provided at the time) and just let them know you’re using a Go Boston Pass!

Check out the sites FAQ sheet for more questions here!

So, with my pass I was able to complete so much of what was on my list and so much more! Check 7 of the things I got to do with my pass below:

1. Visit the Paul Reveres House!

Sadly, I was not able to squeeze this in in time before the end of my trip, but originally we planned to have enough time to go inside! The very man who rode through the night to warn the colonial militia about the British troops that were on the way to Concord during the Boston revolutionary in 1775!

With the Go Boston Pass, not only will you marvel at the beautiful house from the house side (like I did for about thirty minutes), but you will be able to look at authentic artifacts and documents from the American Revolution and give yourself a self-guided tour of the home an all the colonial-era furnishing.

Normally: $5


Paul Revere's House at night

2. Stroll along the Freedom Trail with a guide

The Freedom Trail is literally, all over Boston! Everywhere you turn, you’ll definitely see colonial landmarks and historic writings everywhere, and you cannot leave Boston without knowing all these juicy and historic facts. This 90-minute (about one mile) walk with your amazing guide will go over all the revolutionary history tales at 11 of the 16 Freedom Trail historic sites including sites like Boston Common, Park Street Church, the Boston Massacre Site, and the King’s Chapel Burying Ground!

Listen, our guide was so funny, so smart, and the fact that she was dressed up was so mood-setting that it’s truly good time! Its quite a walk so be sure to be hydrated, make sure you grab a snack, and please wear good shoes!

Normally: $14


freedom trail guide

3. Go on a Fenway Park Tour (and turn yourself into a baseball fan, even if you aren’t!)

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Listen, here’s the tea. I don’t like any sport other than soccer (ya gunners ya!), BUT going to THE Red Sox home is a MUST if you are in Boston. Now, if you are thinking, “I don’t like baseball though…”, but let me tell you, you will still have a grand time! The tour guides are so knowledgable and fun, full of history and architecture that you’ll become a baseball fan by the end! You walk through the Fenway Park and just *feel* the love and enjoyment others feel when they’re rooting for their favorite team. I could literally feel the vastness of the entire park and it was such a refreshing feeling. Bring water, because at one point I was getting thirsty since this is a one hour tour!

Normally: $23

3. Attend a Red Sox Game for the first time!

Now, this was not something I was actually doing, but you could attend an actual Red Sox game! I was on the Skywalk Observatory* watching a game happening in real time just across the pond! This is only for select games but if there is a good game on a weekend you’re in town, I could not suggest it enough! Nothing is better than feeling that communal cheer with everyone!

This one is part of the *premium attractions* so if you purchase one of the 3, 5, and 7-day All-Inclusive passes which include your choice of one premium experience! According to the site, you’ll be able to enter the stadium up to two and a half hours before first pitch with your ticket and watch batting practice before the game begins (so cool!). You’ll also be able to grab your snacks and souvenirs from the Big Concourse before the crowds arrive, and settle down for the game.

Normally: $40

*Now, at the time of writing this, the Skywalk was part of the Go Boston Pass, so it may come back, but still a great thing to do one evening to see the view from above!

4. Go to Harvard…

Yes, now I tell everyone I went to Harvard *laughs smugly*. Just kidding, but I did get to tour it! Sadly, and you must know, this one is just the tour walking around the campus, but you will not be entering any of the buildings. However, it’s still quite worth it as its free with the pass and you’ll be able to learn more about where a lot of our most notable people have graduated from! This theatrical experience includes a guided tour of the campus (funny enough our tour was one of the tour guides’ last tour as she was moving abroad to finish her PhD!) and its historical buildings, including the John Harvard Statue, Memorial Hall, Harvard Square, and Harvard Yard.

Normally: $14


5. Visit the most beautiful garden at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Let me tell you, imagine your dream of walking through beautiful gardens that are about three stories tall, also with art pieces and amazing beauty all around you. Now imagine that coming true. This place was possibly my favorite thing I went to during this trip!

NOT only will you walk around this garden, but also look at century-old art pieces, including some pieces that are missing as part of the Gardner Museum Theft! Yes sadly, some pieces are missing because they have been stolen back in 1990 (one of the largest property thefts in the world), and even til now, it’s part of an ongoing investigation with quite a hefty *ahem 10 million dollar* reward!

Normally: $15

6. Get some exercise by renting a bike!

Boston is the most walkable city (fun fact I did walk the span of the city in like an hour) and something fun you could totally do with the Go Boston Pass is to rent a bike! You get a bike, a helmet, and a lock with this, as well as map routing all the most popular routes! Tour the city to your heart’s desire and get some sweat in (especially in the summertime!), and its all yours until 6pm!

Normally: $40

7. End the night off with a Sunset Cruise

The city around sunset from the waters is the most cherry on the top moment I had during my trip! This romantic, soothing ride is perfect especially after walking the city or full of a yummy lobster meal (highly recommend). I cannot stress how ending this trip with a sunset cruise with the Go Boston Pass was just so worth it, and so memorable!

Normally: $34.95

And there you have it!

Let me know if you have tried out this pass before if you are planning on getting it after this post! I highly recommend it and made me fall in love with Boston even a little bit more!


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