5 Coffee Shops Worth Visiting in Denver, Colorado

I spent a day in Denver, coffee house hopping.

Sometimes I get bored discovering new cities on my own, so I played a neat little game with myself. In order to discover Denver, I would circle around the mile high city in search of great coffee!

Simply, I just typed in coffee in google maps and routed around the entire city. I browsed through the internet ( ... instagram) and took note of any coffee shops that looked appealing to me/coffee critics and started my journey.

Now you might be wondering what about all the other great places in Denver, but believe me! With this route, I had a reason to stretch into the different parts of Denver, stumble across cool places (like the Denver Design District) and more, either with pre-planning or pure coincidence!

So now I present to you: my favorite five coffee shops that I think you should stop by while you're in Denver!

1) Corvus Coffee Roasters

corvus coffee shop denver colorado
corvus coffee shop denver colorado

Specifically the one on Broadway!

This was the first on my list, but also set the tone to what I learned Denver to be. I took the advice of a barista who didn't know how much I loved sweet hot drinks and suggested the non-sweet (to me) oolong tea (which, I ended up loving???).

But what stood out to me about this place (besides the firepit outside that didn't seem bothered by continuous falling snow) was the fact that I had random people coming up to me to just "chat" with me. I had one gentleman go as far as sitting down with me, sharing his life, and suggesting all the cool spots in Denver that only a local would know. For the rest of my trip, this happened over and over, and it made me fall in love with the city more.

But yeah, their tea got five stars from me!

2) SONDER Coffee and Tea

sonder coffee shop denver colorado
sonder coffee shop denver colorado

": (n) the realization that each random passerby has a life just as vivid and complex as your own"


How coffee shop mood is this?? I do people watch 98% of my time in a coffee shop, so while I stopped by here for some baked goods and coffee, I kept coming up with a hundred scenarios for every single person in the coffee shop. Super cute and worth a visit if you're in the day-dreaming mood.

3) Bardos Coffee House

bardo coffee shop denver colorado

I'm really so disrespectful if this is the only picture I have of this place (but it was crowded and I got nervous and didn't want to make a scene). But, they got me addicted to one drink they have.

Please go and try their Spiced Cider. Holy, wow. 

I downed that before I got to the car, it was that good! Never having it before, I loved it that much, but sadly I have yet to find the perfect spiced cider here at home (so please NC, get it together).

The vibe was super cute as well, I love a cute, lived in atmosphere. They had diner styled tables and chairs, mismatched furniture, and couches that you know people have spent hours with friends in. Also, the Broadway location is so perfect as they had amazing bookstores all around them (this is where I skirted off to after I kept taking up everyone's space for bad photos).

4) Amethyst Coffee

amethyst coffee shop denver colorado
amethyst coffee shop denver colorado

My favorite cafe/coffee shop/tea shop decor? Plants, greenery, and cute lights. I will be obsessed.

Located on Broadway (ok, maybe I just drove in loops around Broadway), this place is the perfect place to stop by and pop into if you're planning on walking over to the Denver Art Museum for a cool show, Denver Central Libary for some history, or hang out in Denver Civic Park.

I got a hot chocolate by this stop because one could only drink so much caffeine, and this place did not disappoint!

5) Copper Door Coffee Roasters

copper door coffee shop denver colorado
copper door coffee shop denver colorado

There's something so old fashion feeling about this place that I truly appreciated. Not only did I get a wealth of information about driving in the snow (southerns like me need advice ok), their coffee somehow convinced me to not feel the need to add sugar (which to me is a massive deal!).

I highly recommend this place if you're in the need for coffee and just coming from the airport! On my list, this was the closest and conveniently so!

Honorable Mentions!

In between the past five coffee shops and sightseeing along the way in 24 hrs, I didn't get to reach all of my list. However, I wanted to include them in case you were interested, and if you do go, please tell me how it was!

  1. Purple Door Coffee
  2. Blue Sparrow Coffee
  3. Huckleberry Roasters
  4. Black Eye Coffee
  5. Denver Bicycle Coffee


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