Bosphorous, the Most Unique Turkish Restaurant in Cary, NC

After hours of looking at my screen all day, some friends finally convinced me to go out and join them for dinner.

I could not even begin to tell you how out of it I was, and sore from everything life has thrown at me this week.

All they had to do was mention this little Turkish restaurant that I pass by every day, literally four minutes from my house, and I was sold!

“Bosphorus is a unique restaurant that offers traditional Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant atmosphere.” – Bosphorus website

The inside was so charming and traditional, yet not overbearing. The menu was simple and easy to read. But the important part of it all, the food, my god. Granted I’ve never had Turkish food, I was so glad to not see your average kebab and rice Mediterranean-esque foods you normally run into.

I couldn’t pronounce half the names on the menu, but they had bulgar pilaf instead of normal rice pilaf you’d normally see, and they had “pies” or “pides” which was a Turkish pizza pretty much. Super soft and full of flavor, hands down my favorite meal, and the food was definitely unique!

Do you have a favorite Turkish dish? Need some more recommendations in North Carolina? 

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