About Me

My name is Yasmin Ali, early twenties depending on when you read this page, living in a small town in North Carolina, USA. Now I would love to say something dramatic like “I just want to get out of this small town!” however I’ve lived in three countries and was surrounded by at least three languages, by the age of 5.


Heres a quick list of what defines me:

  1. I’m a super happy Muslim.
  2. I eat Somali food all the time at home.
  3. My skin is more golden than the deserts you’ve seen (except in the winter, looking all pale)
  4. I want a degree in every field but currently I have a nutrition science degree (I got the degree because I love food, so makes sense right?)
  5. I was born in Rida, Yemen, to Somali parents, and then we moved to Tunis, Tunisia before settling down in America. Shoutout to immigrant parents! Fun fact: we missed the memo as 75% of my extended family decided to go to Europe instead . 
  6. I don’t even like taking photos of myself. I’m camera-shy, but that will change!
  7.  I am a photographer that currently owns a Canon, Nikon, and a Pentax film, and about six lenses to accompany them all.
  8. I’m hella addicted to oreos. Favorite flavor. Of all time.



Okay, but the main part is the identity part.


Traveling is great and all, but with today’s political climate, I worry that for Muslims, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge. I am also very fascinated by people of color, particularly Africans and African-Americans that travel to other countries, since race is quite a distinguishing factor. And we all know the stigmas of women traveling, especially alone.

I want experience all of that at the same time. Will it make me stand out in a good way? Will I have more challenges? Maybe I’ll be seen as royalty because I have an American passport anyways?

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Shoot me a message about yourself and what you think about my adventure 🙂



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