5 Best Raincoats for Travel to Stay Stylish!

You’ve got your ticket, you’ve got your plans, and you’ve checked the weather and hey – maybe it’s gonna be a bit chilly or rainy! But don’t like that stop your fun, because you can stay stylish, efficient, and light with any of these best raincoats for travel!

Whenever I travel, the absolutely last thing I want to deal with is lugging around a hundred-pound jacket, or even worse a massive umbrella. It kills the vibe and if you’re a photographer like me, a 3lb camera is heavy enough to deal with. That’s why through all my travels, I always try to shop for a rainjacket that is lightweight, waterproof, efficient, and most importantly, warm! I’ve taken my jackets throughout rainy London, windy Colorado, and to the snowy mountain tops of Switzerland. Two of my favorite ones are absolutely on this list because I do consider them as best raincoats for traveling, as well as other well-reviewed ones!

  1. WOMENS STOWaway JACKET by Rainbird Clothing 

    best raincoat for travel

    Rainbird jackets blew me away when I took mine to Colorado! Rainbird kindly sent me this jacket to test it out and I went down to Colorado in the middle of January to go hiking in the Great Sand Dunes while it was snowing! I felt so warm and protected the whole time! What’s even neat about this brand is that it comes in a compatible bag to literally “stowaway” into a bag it comes with and fits almost anywhere, even your pocket! It’s also fully seam-sealed, breathable, and waterproof with high-quality construction! It definitely had to be the top of the best raincoats for travel!

  2. Arcadia Casual Jacket by Colombia 

    best raincoat for travel

    Do you know where another really good place to check out good finds for the best raincoats? Thrift stores! Granted, I was lucky to find a Colombia jacket for literally a fraction of the price, but this specific jacket has become such a staple with me all throughout 9 countries in Europe! I took it with me as I hopped from city to city being saved from rain and snow and staying cute all the while. I loved this jacket so much that I tried to find a similar one but I found the closet! Also, the bright yellow color was so beautiful as a contrast to the snow!

  3. Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Raincoat by GRACE KARIN 

    best raincoat for travel
    The key to a great jacket (aside from it being stylish obviously) is that it also provides great benefits such as it being waterproof, lightweight, and breathable! This jacket is all that plus quick-drying and comfortable!

  4. Women’s Back Bow Packable Hooded Rain Jacket by Cole Haan 

    best raincoat for travel
    This one is on my to-buy list for the next trip just because of how stylish it is! I am absolutely obsessed with the color, the cut, and the small details and accents including the bow at the end! The hood is removable, and thank god this jacket is machine washable safe. All the good makings of a beautiful jacket that I would want to tour the city with.

  5. Resolve Parka by North Face 

    best raincoat for travel
    Do you even remember a time when you didn’t hear about North Face? I remember everyone in school had one and it made sense why. North Face has exceptional quality and beautiful designs. You pay for the high-quality jacket that you can tour the world in!


Hopefully, one of these best raincoats for travel does the trick for you! I hope you find a beautiful jacket that helps get you around the world swiftly, dry, and in style!

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