Awesome Things I Learned This Week Every Travel Blogger Should Know About

Because I know you and I, both need help! So I’ve made a list awesome things every travel blogger should know about!

The world is a magical place and the opportunities are EVERYWHERE. I spend way to much time on the internet so I am happy to always find new opportunities and hacks. So I figured why not report about what I find weekly to you guys!

So, each week I will tell you just a few things YOU can benefit from!


  1. If you’re looking to get published with work you already is you’re best bet! Someone recommended this database of publisher’s that you can reach out to! I was asking around on how to find someone to share my work with, and this was their immediate tip! They have a 7 day free trial and then, 5.99 per month!
  2. If you’re an established travel writer/photographer and you want to join an official is your best bet! Standing for Society of American Travel Writers, this is a great group for people who generate 25k unique viewers per month, (haha not me), or a regular freelancer (!!), or work as a salaried PR. If you’re a pretty big deal, check this out (and be my friend too omg).
    blogging at home
  3. If you want to START out as a is your best bet! I actually tried this and within 2 days, landed a decent book publishing deal to write about my hometown! I was shocked but it clearly there are results! Opportunities are updated hourly so I recommend you find a specific area of interest (I just focused on just travel), so  you can be selective with your 

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  4. If you’re starting out with your blog (or hit a rut) and need a great course to get you through EVERYTHING … is your best bet! It’s quite an investment (about $219) but you get a lifetime access to seasoned travel bloggers and community groups, as well as a ton of lessons and advices to enhance your blog! I haven’t tried it yet, but I honestly can see myself getting it soon. They have a course on how to write the perfect letters for press trips and partnerships, WHICH I NEED! If you don’t want to pay just yet, they have a free newsletter with free blogging tips too! aaa  
  5. If you like podcasts with AMAZING by Alexa is LITERALLY AMAZING. She followed me on day on instagram so I checked her out, and that afternoon I was driving home listening to her podcast, making mental notes every 10 mins! She interviews SUCCESSFUL travel writers and talk about tips for any new travel writer to break in. This podcast as taught me so much about what things to include in your websites, what vision I want to have (doubled by hearing this podcast) and the possibilities that are out there (so many you probably didn’t know existed)! I truly recommend this if you have time to listen her multitude of topics! This would have to be my top awesome thing every travel blogger should know about!

    Did you like the tips?! I plan to write more each week so if you think there is one that should be added (or maybe you own something that could help us), let me know! Also, for more free tips not included in these lists each week, subscribe to my newsletter below!

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  • Great tips, Yasmin! I’ve done Alexa’s instagram course, and it’s pretty great. I’ve also heard about Travel Blog Success, and have used Upwork a few times (though I find that I don’t always get the best rates on it). For me, it’s mostly about setting time aside to actually write and send out pitches.