Cringey Pictures From My Teenage Europe Trip

*** I am legit warning you right now, these were taken eight years ago, before I became a much better photographer. These are the cringey pictures of my teenage Europe Trip***


Prepare to cringe.


So when I was sixteen, my mother informed me that her sister who lives in Switzerland (there was a war in Somalia and when everyone fled, her family chose Switzerland, and we got stuck with North Carolina *sigh*), and a cousin in Holland, were getting married. Except out of my whole family, she was bringing one person, and since I was the oldest, I was the lucky child!

But, unlike the photographer I am today, I experienced those great times taking selfies of myself, rather than the beauty around me. Thank the LORD, I wear hijab today so I decided to not share those selfies out of religious reasons and also I was such a greasy teenager why didn’t anyone stop me omg.


Geneva buildings


Our trip consisted of arriving in Switzerland, staying for about two weeks, and then road tripping to Holland through Paris for the final wedding. We made brief stops at Paris, Belgium and Germany (on the way back). I literally have no pics of Belgium and Germany because they were all pictures of my face at wayyy too close of an angle. Again, why didn’t anyone stop me.

So here are some favorites of my  2009 trip, in which I hope to retake this upcoming year when I visit again!


Mountains in switzerland

My grandmother’s balcony view

Mountains in switzerland

Like I would sit on the balcony everyday, all day.

Switzerland lakes and boats

Like, I couldn’t even take pictures that weren’t blurry LOL.


Mountain drinks in switzerland

I miss all of this.

lakes in swiss Mountains in switzerland

We hiked that! And one of my aunts was jokingly pretending to push me off the cliff and my grandfather got so mad LOL.

Jet d'Eau Fountain Geneva

Still in Geneva, this is the Jet d’Eau Fountain! One of the highest fountains today! I actually have been to Switzerland specifically, three times total and my family always insist on taking us here. It’s amazing location for fun, and views, and food (especially chocolate)! To the left of this picture, there was a huge dock with a ferris wheel with lights and dancing!

Paris graffti

Welcome to Paris! We stayed at a little hotel off the main roads and that’s when I discovered – Paris is full of murals and graffiti!

Despite my terrible skills back in 2009, I was marveled by Paris and everything about it. Not just the fashion and high lifestyle, but there are so many foreigners that live here. It was so beautiful to see them as locals right across the bridge of the Tower.


Actually, I lied. The Champs-Elysees was my favorite part, BECAUSE of the high fashion and glamorous lifestyle. I may have a starring problem when I’m fascinated, but there were girls who had assistants running after them, Saudi royals walking with men in white thobes behind them, with security behind them! And then tourists like me, with nothing but a water bottle and a point and shoot camera.

pictures of teenage europe trip

And I mentioned Holland right! Yeah, those pictures were of the wedding and blurry shots of the ground. Please glimpse at the photographer I am now, so I don’t lose credibility on this site!

pictures of teenage europe trip

I can’t wait to come again, and retake these same pictures, with such better quality and elegance! And quite honestly, just experience everything again! That summer changed me and made me so much more appreciative of the things around me despite being so unaware. I feel as if now I want to travel with a more open-minded view and with my more adventurous personality! Till then, enjoy my childhood x

Share with me: Do you have any places you visited as a child, and want to revisit with adult lens?


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