How I Picked My Brand Name – and It Might Help You!

In the future, I want people to remember me and ask, “Yasmin, what is she doing?”

and the whole world to sing in unison, “oh, Yasmin travels!”

That’s the beginning and end of it all. I hate picking usernames and my go to was non descriptive as hell. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to highlight my name more, or highlight the fact that I was into traveling. Part of me wanted people to take me seriously as a photographer, so I almost went with yasminphotographyblog, but try typing that out. So when I finally came up with “Oh, Yasmin Travels”,  I was slightly unsure but I was deeply in love. I might have also been completely over it, but a month later, I’m still happy telling that futuristic story.

So my dear readers, I present to you the newest way to pick a user name, a brand name, the IT name:

Cut it out from a conversation.

I’m serious! Imagine first of all, the presentation when people ask you where the name comes from! You get to theatrically tell the story again and again, and people will remember it forever! I guess, maybe choose a good story, unless you want to tell a sad story over and over, but hey! What a hook!

canon camera cap

Here’s a cringe-y list of what my other options where going to be if someone didn’t stop me or if someone didn’t take it already:

  1. xoyasmin (this is actually my first email rip)
  2. ohyasmin/ohyasmiin (my first twitter too)
  3. yasmintravelsfar
  4. yasmintravelphotographer
  5. yasminphotos 
  6. themuslimphotographer 
  7. thegirlwhotravelswithahijabandcamera (no really, I contemplated this really late one night)
  8. iquitmyjobforthis (I was a fan of this one)
  9. ohyasminphotos
  10. ohyasmintravels (WINNER)


Share with me how did you choose your blog/website/user name? Did it take you forever like me, or where you just born with it?

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