How do I believe this is going to work?

So am I really going to make a blog that will work??

Maybe. With babysteps. Today, I tried to renew my passport after 2 years of it’s expiration date. I want to travel the world, and take photos, and basically do what I like to do, but why not tell everyone else about it?? Yes there are thousands of travel photography bloggers out there with amazing perspectives and ideas, but there are very few that are: 1) Muslim, 2) Somali, 3) black, and 4) millennial aged (okay most are, but with 1-3, its almost none).

I’ve been doing photography for years, and I’ve visited 7 countries, and 6 or 7 states! However, I’m 23 (24 in a month), and most of those places, I didn’t combine photography and traveling together to get where I want to be now! Over the course of this blog, I will describe how I got to this idea and how I plan to change travel photography (even a little will be an accomplishment), and document where all it has taken me! If theres 2 people reading this or millions, it will be great!

These will be the blog posts I look back on and cringe but you have to start somewhere.

So what’s the plan? Well first I have to get my passport renewed. THEN:

  1. Visit countries
  2. Take photos

If you’re interested in my photography work, heres my other website of my photography, some travel included!

That simple 🙂

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